A Year of Covid

A year of Covid. 

What have I learned?
A lot of technology that otherwise I would not even touch. 

I have learned a new model of teaching that will be helpful in the future as a supportive version, in case of 

  1. bad weather, 
  2. a broke down car; 
  3. a parent is sick and cannot drive; 
  4. a student needs a quick help before the competition; 
  5. I am traveling; 
  6. etc. 

In all such cases all the lessons can be done online! We know we CAN because we have done it for a year! 

A masterclass for the remote location where I cannot physically be when the masterclass is needed. 

A webinar for a group of teachers who are all over the globe. 

And on, and on.

Will I replace a face-to-face lesson with online teaching? NO! NO!! NO!!! 

Will I use it as a supplement? Yes.

This is what I learned.

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